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Find out how different applications from the Solver Anomaly Detection module can help your retail, finance or e-commerce business become more profitable.

Solver Anomaly Detection

Solver Anomaly Detection is a solution that enables you to predict any kind of fraud.

By having the opportunity to predict whether an element will be anomalous in the next X hours - no matter if you are in the banking or insurance business - this solution gives you the know-how to diagnose, detect and even prevent fraud.

This tool helps you establish a preventive system and saves you time and money on solving potential future anomalies and dealing with the consequences..

Solver Reporting

Solver Reporting is a separate product that can be used either as a stand-alone application for your reporting needs or as an add-on to your already implemented EBR, BI, or other data-oriented tools.

This tool, besides having powerful reporting features, is a tool that can drive your organization towards gaining deep insights and having data-driven anomaly detection.

It is like having a private Sherlock Holmes, 24/7, who makes no mistakes.

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