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Solver Customer Analytics

Customer Analytics group of apps

Find out how different applications from the Solver Customer Analytics module can help your retail, telco or e-commerce business become more profitable.

Solver AI Personalizer

Solver AI Personalizer is a brief summary of a customer which includes demographic, geographic, and psychographic characteristics, as well as buying patterns, creditworthiness, and purchase history.

It is a portrait of your customers that helps you make decisions about your products and services, and to offer this customer a product or service that they will buy with high probability.

Solver Smart Segmentation

Solver Smart Segmentation can group similar customers based on their behavior (both online and offline) in order to:

● facilitate better campaign management

● help identify the group of customers for a specific product

● segment customers: champions, loyal, recent, potentially loyal, hibernating, lost,...

Solver Virtual Buyer

You don’t have to know your customers by their names to recognize their buying preferences.

Solver Virtual Buyer predicts customer needs based on their cart contents and predefined customer profiles created by an algorithm using historical transactional data.

Their needs are identified the moment the customer is paying at the cash desk.

The cash register issues a recommendation as a voucher on their receipt, which the customer could use for the next purchase.

Solver Process Miner

Having hundreds or thousands of employees and a couple of thousands of processes will create a huge opportunity for optimization.

And we all know that optimization means savings.

The ultimate question is: where to start?

That is why we created a solution that can answer that question.

Solve Process Miner is a solution that would enable you to find broken processes within your organization and develop a plan on how to optimize business in the most efficient way that would lead you to a higher profit margin.

Solver Campaining

Solver Campaigning suggests a campaign towards the customers based on real customer needs and preferences - what is the next best offer for particular customer behavior, based on activity and purchases?

This is what makes Solver Campaigning the number1 module from the Solver AI Suite platform for CMOs.

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