End to end big data and machine learning solutions for retail.

Boost Retail Net Margin by Double Digits.

Find out how...

Solver AI Suite for Retail can make a difference in highly competitive market by:

Boost conversion rate

Improve your cross-selling conversion rates at the store level?

Skyrocket your store sale

Upgrade cashier from the service line to salesman

Increase your NET margin

Establish a recommender system in real time

What can you find our from Case Study?

Solver Ai Suite for Retail represents a platform for boosting sales and marketing.

It analyzes user data, usage patterns, and identifies user behavior. Based on that we are extracting
insights to provide decision support for the sales and marketing process.

Some of the use cases:

  • Recommender system
  • Machine Learning segmentation
  • Propensity to purchase
  • Market Basket Analysis
  • Customer Lifetime Value

As one of the KPIs for measuring the benefits of implementing advanced analytics in this domain,
our client has improved Campaign Conversion Rate by 30%

Curious how we did it?

If you ever wondered how buzzy words such as Big Data, Machine Learning, or AI can make a real impact on Retail business this is the moment you were waiting for.

By downloading our case study you will find out:

  • what was the implementation process
  • how we managed to increase the conversion rate by 30%
  • technologies we used and an impact Solver AI Suite made on business outcome