See it, believe it

Not sure if Solver AI Suite fits your needs?

We understand.

That is why we propose you test Suite on your own data and get desirable results.

In order to do so, just follow up with the next steps and soon you will be able to “touch and feel” power of AI:

Step 1: Prove the Business Need

It only makes sense to put time and money into building a solution if the company really needs it. No matter if you would like to improve productivity or you’re about to enter a completely new market Suite POC will meet the needs.


Before you start investing in POC, you’ll want to be crystal clear on the pain points you target and you would like us to solve.

That is why you don’t want to guess what these issues are or assume you/we know it without actually talking to a representative sample of people in the group that will confirm the need. And here you don’t have to talk to hundreds of people - just enough that you start hearing the same concerns repeated.

As we interview potential users and stakeholders, we’ll want to learn both the business impact and the personal impact of each one in order to create a prioritized list. Eventually, we’ll see patterns and common threads emerging.

By the end of this step, you’ll have a list of specific needs and goals that the software should solve and this is where POC magic starts to happen.

Step 2: We should map Pain Points to Solutions and Get Feedback

This step involves brainstorming sessions to solve each of the pain points you identified in the first step.

There will likely be several ways to solve each issue but after we brainstorm, we’ll evaluate each possible solution to determine how it stacks up in reference to cost, competition, timeline, technology challenges, etc.

When this process is completed, we should have a clearer idea of which solutions to include in the final result so you could feel the benefits immediately.

Once we have this list of solutions, we will go back to the users and stakeholders within your company that we initially interviewed and learn their reactions and responses to the recommended solutions.

In this step, all project members can describe how they envision the product working, and provide their feedback.

This input will provide us with valuable insight as you move forward.

Step 3: Prototype Of The Solution

Our next step is to create a prototype that wraps your needs into a rudimentary product that you can use to test with those users and stakeholders interviewed previously. This prototype should have the expected feature set and business results.

Once the prototype is built, you can test it fully within your organization.

We shall record usage of the solution delivered to track business results for you and find out if we overlooked any important functionality.

Step 4: Design a Roadmap

From all of the information we’ve gathered in each of the previous steps, we shall create a roadmap that describes what you’ve experienced and outlines a recommended step-by-step process for building the whole solution that fits your needs.

Think of this roadmap as a set of blueprints for constructing a building.

With this roadmap as a guide, everyone at your company will be kept on the same page through the implementation phase and will have a clear picture of what the end goal is.

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