Our strategy for building products

When we started building our product, we focused on the Recommender engine and Segmentation. As a startup, we embraced agility and focus on the market. At the beginning of 2020, we decided that our product must become a reflection of our team. Then we said it must be a “no bullshit” product, agile or, in terms – modular. Third, it must be API first, AI-powered and focused. We used COVID19 situation to push changes and to prepare for the new world.

Modularity as strategy

We decided that our product is a suite of micro products which clients can combine. That gives us the flexibility to serve multiple industries but also to optimize OPEX and CAPEX investments of our clients. We’ve enabled our clients to start small and build big. For example, you can start with data collection and standardization, and later you can add a recommendation engine to get a more significant revenue increase. The key is to provide a modular ecosystem. We recently became members of the ASEE group, so imagine which ecosystem we can offer now. For example, we can provide payment for eCommerce, but also checkout analysis or upsell on checkout. If we are talking about banking, imagine a fully personalized mobile app with smart push notifications and offering. 

Is Solver AI Suite CRM, CDP, DMP, or Personalization Engine?

The correct answer is none of these. We do not offer CRM, we are providing Customer Data Platform (CDP) and Data Management Platform (DMP) components, but the client can choose what it will be. We definitely have a proposition for Personalization Engine, but we have a lot more. We can declare more as the ecosystem of apps that act as lego bricks, and you can build whatever you need. One of the beauties of embracing agility and modularity as a product feature. In the end, we offer all of this, but when you need it

Ecosystem as the next step

We believe that we’ve come to an end of big monolith CRMs or Campaigning tools. Look at the Apple App Store, or our competition. Salesforce, for example, is focused on the ecosystem of apps, but we provide completely different user experience. And yes, our REST API enables the flexibility to integrate whatever you need, or build your products on top. We can even power our competition tools, if that makes our clients’ life easier. Notice how open source is changing the world and pushing openness and flexibility. 

We separate platform blocks and application blocks to set up the ground for modularity.

Solver AI suite is evolving fast, we have more and more features in place. To solve product complexity, we decided to develop in two streams. First, the platform things. Engines and APIs that power our applications enable our teams to have the foundation and focus on business features. The platform is open for our clients to focus on business and not on operations. The second stream is business block development, which has to be simple and stupid – meaning having clear inputs and outputs. This is the crucial thing for meeting the strategy of modularity.

What building blocks provide to our customers 

  • Profile Studio, perform “customer by customer” analysis  in one place and offer full personalization on your channels.
  • Audience Studio creates groups by manual rules or by AI-based models. Results can be the input for targeting or serve for gaining deeper insights.  
  • Customer Journey Studio detects common flows of how your customers interact with you. Based on that, you can plan better. 
  • Smart Segmentation Studio, reporting on top of ML-based segmentations.
  • Campaign Studio, manage your campaigns in five steps.  
  • Creative Studio, build templates for your emails and messages. 
  • Marketing Automation Studio defines automated actions based on customer behaviour.
  • Forecast Studio, imagine upload, select, and forecast. That is our promise. 
  • Channels Engine, we provide all common channels in a way that empowers stability and reliability. 
  • Search Engine, flexible search for your e-commerce platform, or documents. Text or images – we support both.  
  • Pixel Engine collects raw data from your web channels (no 3rd party cookies). Use this data for reporting or feed AI models for better precision. 
  • Identity Resolution Engine, connect your customer to one ID, no matter the channel or situation. 
  • Virtual Buyer Studio, analyze transactions with no customer ID and get buying personas. 
  • AI studio, manage your AI/ML models. 
  • Query Studio, make SQL queries on top of Solver Data Lake. 
  • Widget Catalog, we design and prepare, you only combine. 

These are only some of them, and more are yet to come.

Bundle of products as a personalized client solution.

We decided to make some bundles, which can be used as  a recommendation and not a rule. 

  • Solver Personalizer focused on customer unification, segmentation, personalization and insights. 
  • Solver Campaigning channels and rules to take action. 
  • Solver Atlas including security ops and scheduling in one platform. Foundation for modularity. 
  • Solver Data Lake focuses on all data, internal or external. Get lightweight Data Lake without millions of investments. 
  • Solver ML OPS, when many AI models become a problem, the same engines we use internally can be available. 

We will proceed with this strategy focusing on:

  • No Bullshit 
  • Modularity 
  • API first
  • AI-powered

If you want to have a demo and get more information, please drops a message at ai@thingsolver.com


Photo credits: https://unsplash.com/photos/fzOITuS1DIQ

Understand and Engage your customer(s) with more AI power

Today we are happy to release Solver AI Suite 2.0. You can read more about it in this post. The focus of the past three months was on collecting and working on clients’ feedback. We decided to ask more and work more to boost the revenue of our clients. Several key things popped out from this process. The first one – our users want to know their customers(s) even better and easily understand them while having all customer-related data in one place. The second thing is how to engage them quickly and at the right time. Okay, it sounds like everyone’s wishes and that it is the promise of all similar tools, but we focused on making the whole process simple, in a couple of clicks, while maintaining top quality. We want to follow the way of simplicity with power. Like the great Steve Jobs once said, “That’s been one of my mantras – focus and simplicity. Simple can be harder than complex: You have to work hard to get your thinking clean to make it simple. But it’s worth it in the end because once you get there, you can move mountains.”  

Key new features

New Portal interface – we redesigned the entrance app to be more seamless and more informative. We are now offering two unique views, depending on whether you are a new user and want to read more about our offer, or you are a veteran of tools, and you need one click to start your daily job.

Campaign Studio interface – now focused on channels. We pulled the audience build process as a separate app. Now Campaign Studio is more focused on marketing departments, allowing marketing people to use the tool on their own easily. You can create and schedule a marketing campaign in 5 steps.


Campaign Studio Viber channel upgrade – imagine that you want to send personalized messages to your customers to get different sets of products in one click. You need to have pictures of your products, and pricing and the tool can do the rest.   


Creative Studio Beta, we make the first steps to offering a template engine inside our tool but do not worry, we will support other email template engines too.


Audience Studio Interface – our superstar of this release. We improved this process so that you can create ANY audience in 5 steps. You can have all filters you want under your click and fit audiences perfectly to your business needs. You choose to power up the selection with AI model(s) output. Unique, we designed one step focused on the product, allowing the users to find the most appropriate/best audiences for selected products. Here we engaged our complex and powerful Recommendation Engine, but as stated before – you can use it with just a couple of clicks. What else:

  • You can use the created audience for the campaign 
  • You can download the audience as excel or CSV file  
  • You can choose the audience to be static or dynamic 


As you can see, Audience Studio can be a self-service insight tool. 

Audience Dynamics or Statics – the audience can be static, and you can use it now or want to look at insights. But nowadays, things are changing. Behavior is changing. That’s why we introduced dynamic audiences, which AI models automatically update. You can sit back and relax, knowing you can use this kind of audience for Marketing Automation or repetitive campaigns. You can be focused on creativity and not on overloading your IT department with requests for data. 

Recommender Engine update – we are constantly upgrading our Recommendation models, now we can support better results to push leaflets personalized to your customers. Second and very important, we shorten the process from data to recommendations.  

Profile Studio, we renamed Personalizer to a new name, and we cleaned some things. More importantly, we can add items dynamically. Imagine you have additional information you want to see in one place or show to your colleagues – you do not need to do anything. Just provide us data, and we will add it in a couple of seconds. 

Smart Segmentation interface, we released a new interface which is more informative and can support multiple segmentation reports.


  • As you might know, we are focused on API first strategy. Everything we mention our clients can leverage by using REST API and embed these functionalities into existing apps or processes
  • We released Events API for easier integration
  • Privacy and Security, we improved our process and APIs to make sure that there is no room for this kind of problems 

What we plan for the future releases

Here are some things related to the topic that we are working on:

  • Push notification channel via firebase
  • Digital Edge by ASEE as a channel.  
  • Assceo Live deeper integration.
  • Reporting page for selected audience.
  • Open selected Audience in BI tool.  
  • Campaign Studio improved reporting. We want to add more things so you can make better decisions for the future.
  • Creative Studio for easy email template creating.
  • Create an Audience from Profile Studio, choosing similar customers based on the selected customer. 
  • Look-alike model implementation, so you can extend target groups with a move of a slider. 
  • Create an Audience from Smart Segmentation Studio directly choosing customers by special rules.  
  • Product Studio for the product manager, create an audience starting from the product or check KPI’s before making a decision.
  • Campaign Studio A/B testing functionalities.
  • AI model improvements 
  • Customer Journey detection.


  • Forecast Studio for doing forecast in couple clicks
  • Anomaly Detection model update
  • Atlas update

We are focused on providing what our clients need. If you have any feedback or you want to schedule a demo, please drop us a message at ai@thingsolver.com

Stay tuned for more.