1. All modules of Solver AI Suite software licenses represent the exclusive intellectual property of the company Things Solver doo Beograd, Vojvode Vlahovića Street no. 25S/1, Belgrade, registration number: 21188450, tax ID number: 109469802, represented by Darko Marjanović, director (hereinafter the: “Licensor”)
  2. All versions of this software are protected and licensed. Things Solver reserves the right to set different prices for each version.
  3. The type of license is the choice of certain functions of Solver AI Suite platform, the goals to be achieved or the number of concurrent users.
  4. The Licensee may integrate its customized models into the granted version of Solver AI Suite software only with the consent of Things Solver.
  5. The Licensee has an obligation to notify Things Solver of any improvements / changes that occur while using the granted licensed version of the software.
  6. The Solver AI Suite license is granted for a period of 365 days, which begins to run after 30 days from the date of implementation of the software.
  7. 30 days from the date of software implementation is the period of testing of the licensed Solver AI Suite platform.
  8. The Licensor guarantees that the licenses are free of legal defects, i.e. that during the purchase, delivery and installation of licenses it protects in all aspects its copyrights, patent and license rights, i.e. intellectual property rights on licenses, as well as that in case of any third party claim it will provide to the Licensee protection against eviction.
  9. The implementation of the Solver AI Suite software by Things Solver and granting of licenses does not imply the assignment of intellectual property rights over the Solver AI Suite software, but Things Solver remains the owner and holder of all intellectual property rights.
  10. By accepting the Terms of Use, the Licensee agrees with all the conditions set out herein. It is the duty and right of the Licensee to check the accepted Terms of Use of the license and in case of disagreement with them to immediately notify Things Solver.
  11. Things Solver assumes no obligations or liabilities regarding the proper and uninterrupted operation of the equipment, services, products and information programs belonging to the Licensee.
  12. is obliged to use it with the care of a good businessman, in all respects in compliance with the positive regulations of the Republic of Serbia, the intellectual property rights of the Licensor and the Terms of Use of the license.
  13. When using any Solver AI Suite license, it is strictly forbidden:
  1. to disable or prevent other Users from using their Solver AI Suite License,
  2. to publish, transmit, distribute or sell any information, topics and materials that are illegal, false, obscene, offensive, or disseminate racial, sexual or any other kind of intolerance,
  3. to publish advertisements, applications, chain letters, pyramid schemes, investment opportunities or schemes or any other advertisements,
  4. to abuse, endanger the rights of others or any other violation of the rights of others,
  5. to transmit content protected by intellectual property rights to others or provide access to such content in any other way,
  6. to use, transmit or otherwise copy and offer (for a fee or free of charge) to others any other information about Licensor and/or Users or information about the use of the Solver AI Suite Software License,
  7. to collect information or use information about the technology used, the approaches used or any other content of the Solver AI Suite software that could be used for commercial purposes without the written permission of Things Solver,
  8. Things Solver guarantees the compliance of the Solver AI Suite License with applicable legal regulations, especially with the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) and the applicable Law on Personal Data Protection (the “RS Official Gazette”, no. 87/2018)
  9. Things Solver undertakes to monitor the regulations and upgrade the Terms of Use of the license in accordance with the changes in the regulations,
  10. If the User violates any of the conditions provided by these Terms of Use of the License, Things Solver may, after submitting a warning of the violation, disable the Licensee from using the granted license and terminate the Agreement.
  11. Everything that is not provided by these Terms of Use shall be subject to the positive law of the Republic of Serbia.