Why No Bullshit company?

Core values are shaping the life of one company, together with a mission and vision telling where the company is going. Core values determine how the company is behaving on that road. In our case, we choose or, better say, found in our culture that we are a No Bullshit company.

What is the reason behind it?

One of the reasons is the nature of our founders and employees. From day one, we decide that we want to deliver value to our clients professionally. We saw many companies that provide software for the sake of delivery and not because of needs. We choose to work with data, which means that you really can not do bullshit. On top of that, we were the company of two people, a small company, leading so that we needed to prove our work in every step. That pushed us to be different and to nurture expectations on the outcome. Our employees are very purpose-driven. Solvers are all about delivering purpose through business value. It is tough to become Solver because current Solvers are set the bar very high. That’s the way we can nurture No Bullshit culture.

What does that mean?

First of all, we never do a project where we do not see the business potential. We always focus on value delivery and not on the process of delivery. That made our life more challenging, but we thought this was the right way. Data is in our DNA, ML, and AI along with it. We wanted not to talk about AI but rather to do it. We are not forcing neural networks because it is sexy. We choose the optimal way to solve some business problems. If basic if-then ruling works, if that is cheaper and brings value, let’s do it. Businesses do not have time to spend on model training for their whole lives.

On the other hand, if we need to bring heavy artillery, we have the expertise to do it. But only if it makes sense. We believe that customers should be in the center, that is what we practice, and that we are delivering with our tools, so our customers can act the same for their customers.

How does that look in practice?

We can give one example. We always do Proof of Value, no matter if we are doing it for the first time or the hundredth time. That is not a sign of weakens. On the contrary, it is the best way to manage expectations, meet clients’ needs, and have room to pivot if necessary: business first, process second. If we are talking about data projects, we always start with Exploratory Data Analysis, not only because it is “by the book” but also because we want to ensure that the following steps will deliver value. Sometimes is better to postpone a project for some time than to have filed a project. Statistics present that 80% of AI projects fail. Our statistics is that we have 85% of projects that succeed.

From product perspective

We also choose No Bullshit value for our product strategy. If we look at the products we are creating, modularity, user-friendliness, and self-service are key pillars. That is No Bullshit from our perspective. We believe that it is fair to our customers and future customers to pay only functionalities they need. They can start with segmentation and add a recommender when they are ready. There is no need to buy all or to fit in our offer. We fit customer needs, and we are open to integrating with any system. There is no need for two screens for one operation. You do not need to change your existing tools. Take what you need and solve your problems.

Let’s deliver business value. Let’s do No Bullshit projects that will bring value in small steps and help become customer-driven and data-driven. Data rules, let make water mills on the river of data.