AI Solution for Telco

Get predictable business results and get to know your future.

New way of predicting your business


Solver AI Solution can help you win at highly competitive market by:

Test the demand

ABC testing puts you in a control of your marketing activities and allows you to test the demand in a simple and effective way.

Grow profit

Generate more profits by focusing on the right actions that will lead you to the highest margins. A small change makes a difference.

Bundle products

Manage to sell more products as one based on full customer insights that will tell you how to bundle products.

AI solutions for Telco

Find out how you can benefit from AI-powered tools.

Forget about guesswork with AI segmentation

Our solution allows you to deploy a super AI mechanism that removes the manual guesswork.

By utilizing the power of AI segmentation, you could understand patterns and anomalies and quickly sell more to new and existing customers.

This is a strategic decision for a telco operator that would like to win in the high mature markets by properly segmenting clients and audiences based on their sales and purchase behavior.

Segment your online customers

Bundle product better than ever

Predictive modeling is a form of artificial intelligence that automatically uses data mining and probability models to help you automatically recommend cross-functional solutions and products.

For example, predictive modeling could help identify customers likely to purchase your products over the next 90 days and in which order.

This solution is a perfect match for telco operators who want to offer multiple products to their customers.

Bundle product better than ever - Intelligent product

Test your marketing hypothesis at any time

For an effective decision-making process, AI tools must be intelligent, agile, and able to accurately reflect market dynamics.

Our tool decodes relevant buying signals from the structured and unstructured data so you could run ABC testing and see how the audience responds.

To improve accuracy, the solution analyzes what causes the variance between forecast and actual numbers, continually learning and improving so it could help you navigate through the next step in the campaigning phase.

Run high converting campaigns based on customer insights

Solver AI Studio for Telco

Whether you use some other solutions for analytics and reporting or this is your first time getting to know how AI and ML can help you leverage your business, the first step always starts with the Data Assessment. Click on the button below and let’s get started.

Solver AI Studio for Telco

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