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Even though we live in an informationally crowded place where it is harder than ever to create a “wow” effect for your clients, there is a way to delight your customers.

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Boost your conversion rate by double digits and sell more online 24/7.

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Enable real-time loan decisions or detect anomalies before they appear.

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Improve your margin by upselling and cross-selling to existing and new customers, and selling more overall.

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OTP Banka
Addiko Bank
Planeta Sport
Banca Intesa
Vip Mobile
A1 Group
OTP Banka

"Being innovative today is more challenging than ever before, but with partners like the Things Solver we are on the good track. This cooperation brought us both, innovation and fulfillment of our business goals. Expertise, precision, commitment and "will do" attitude are just some of the terms which describe Things Solver. With them as our partners we are able to achieve everything that we imagine, and more."

- Natasa Radjenovic Zivanovic, CRM Department manager

Addiko Bank

"Unite cooperation between our bank and data science experts from
Things Solver was a great way to improve traditional banking processes
and ensure a better experience for clients. It was excellent
cooperation with highly motivated people from Things Solver."

- Predrag Velašević, Director of Retail Risk Management and Collection


Store optimization is a solution created for our client in retail industry - GOMEX. Things Solver's approach was to identify pattern like behavior within store groups and develop a decision support system in the process of opening new store/branch by analyzing static and dynamic data parameters with focus on measuring the degree of similarity between potential new store with every existing store. Clear business benefits were identified: better understanding of customers' spending habits, identification of poorly optimized store offer and store optimization improvements by following suggestions where supply and demand are aligned.

Planeta Sport

“If you want really to see and understand your data Solvers crew are the right choice.
They are putting lights on the most hidden places giving you whole new perspective on business and making your vision much more clear.“

- Srdjan Grabovac, Business Development Manager, Planeta Sport

Banca Intesa

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Vip Mobile

“In order to deliver great results, Things Solver worked closely with the domain experts from our company in a dynamic environment, and they were always able to deliver the results in a highly agile fashion. By fast hypothesis and presumptions testing and prototyping. they have managed to prove the value of certain analysis, and this lead to kicking off various advanced analytics projects within our company. They also brought a very positive energy and attitude while working in teams with the domain experts, which resulted in increased motivation and engagement of experts in relation to data and advanced analytics.”

- Natali Delic, CTO Vip Mobile & A1 Slovenia

A1 Group

Things Solver developed with us an outstanding Network Analytics
Platform ('SARA') that helps A1 to optimize their investment decisions
using a truly data driven approach. They are doing an exceptional job in
the area of data science and data engineering, are able to think outside
the box and go the extra mile with passion. It is a joy working with

- Thomas Hodi, Senior RAN Expert & AI Product Owner, A1
Telekom Austria Group

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Connect Solver AI Suite with your everyday apps. We had our end users in mind when we developed the Solver AI Suite and that is why our platform enables you to easily integrate your own solutions, models, or apps.

Modular platform

Solver AI Studio is a modular platform that enables you to choose a solution based on your needs. We do not want to “lock you down” with our solution but would like you to use 100% of what you really need and nothing more.

Omnichannel solution

Solver AI Studio is an omnichannel solution that combines all channels – website, social networks, SMS, and many more popular services – into one. 

Pay as you go

The Solver AI Studio platform allows you to pay only for the services you need. We believe in a fair business model and pay as you go is a solution that enables companies to pay for the portion of the Suite platform that they really need.

Product overview

Solver AI Suite, big data, and machine learning platform for smart business predictions.

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