Campaign Management with AI

Make your campaigns profitable.

Get the real ROI from the campaign


Campaign management can help you save money on marketing activities:

Increase of revenue

The system will find help you select the most effective & converting channel for your marketing campaign

Increase of conversion rate

A tool that proactively monitors all marketing-critical points so you could improve conversions

Increase of click through rate

Establish a system that can instantly serve the content which will lead to an increase in click-through rate

What can you gain from AI Campaign management?

Find out how you can benefit from AI-powered tools.

Automatic use of the most converting channel

Solver Broadcast Studio helps you create campaigns that will be placed on the most converting channel for your target group.

Being able to systematically develop a campaign within a defined audience and match it with the most effective channel based on specific patterns and audience behavior enables you to create not only meaningful data-driven marketing campaigns but also to create the ones that will deliver high converting customers.

Automatic use of the most converting channel - omnichannel

Speak to each customer like to the dearest friend

Broadcast Studio communicates with many customers at the same time, but individually they feel like you are speaking directly to them.

And not only that but they also feel like the offer you create for them is just the right one.

This is achieved with the automatization of delivering a personalized offer & content created for each customer for a given audience.

Intelligently personalize your communication - Personalized offer

Scale the most converting campaigns

Imagine a machine choosing for you the most converting audience and a communication channel?

Cool, right?

Now imagine a machine understands which campaign is the most efficient one and helps you to scale it.

This is exactly what our solution does for you, automatically selecting the most effective campaigns so you could get the real ROI from your marketing activities.

Run high converting campaigns based on customer insights

Learn from meaningful reports

The ability to fully understand the customer segment, individual purchasing behavior, and the complete journey helps your make crucial marketing and business decisions.

This is why our solution delivers a robust but easy-to-use insight so you could navigate your business in the direction of profit growth.

Enlarge your customer's average cart value


Forget about non-effective marketing campaigns and start offering the right products, to the ideal customers over the most converting channel. Make your offering irresistible with the power of Solver Broadcast Studio.


Effective marketing campaigns - Start offering the right products

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