Personalization with AI

The right message at the right time.

New way of communication


Personalization can help you win at highly competitive market by:

Boost conversion rate

Improving communication that drive sale.

Skyrocket your sale

Upgrade your sales process to be proactive 24/7

Increase your NET margin

Establish system that can increase CLV

What can you gain from AI Personalization?

Find out how you can benefit from AI-powered tools.

Make your communication and marketing fully personalized

Starting an email to your customers by using their first_name & last_name is a good way to start personalized communication but personalized marketing means a lot more than that.

It means making the customer feel really special.

By keeping records of customer purchasing and behavior data, you can use the information to create personalized offers and marketing messages that will make an impact on your ideal customer life.

Intelligently personalize your communication - Personalized offer

Pull a valuable data at of the information

Too much information could make it an issue to find valuable data for your business.

If you want to improve user experience and your customer relationship by knowing exactly how to communicate to your ideal customer then Solver AI Suite could be a solution for you.

The reason why this is a case is that AI programs aren’t limited only to gathering and sorting the information you need.

They also can help you determine which data sets are more valuable and how they should be used in order to delight your customers.

Pull a valuable data at of the information - personalized communication

Improve your marketing efficiency

Personalized marketing has an unequivocal role to play in modern business settings.

The rise of social media, mobile apps, Live Chat assistants, and customer management software enables brands to develop closer relationships with customers.

The way how Solver AI Suite helps marketing departments improve marketing efficiency is by using AI models to predict potential outcomes over marketing to a specific customer or audience.

Improve your marketing efficency - personalized communication

Solver AI Suite for Personalization

Whether you would like to target a specific customer or you would like to understand who is your ideal customer, the Solver Customer Studio could help you find the data that you need in order to make further decisions.


Solver AI Suite for Personalization

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