AI-Powered Personalized Search


AI-Powered Personalized Search

Help your customers find what they really need while they search.

AI search solution that help you:

  • Intelligently offer product
  • Dynamically serve content
  • Decrease a churn score

And many more…

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“Anticipating customer behavior and creating strong loyalty programs are no longer future, but the present of modern retail business. Experienced, dedicated, and extremely open-minded professionals from the Things Solver team helped us to dig deeper into our customer database. They developed a powerful tool which helps us to understand our customer’s behavior and provide them the best possible service.“– Stefan Čvorović, Marketing Director, DIS
“Being innovative today is more challenging than ever before, but with partners like the Things Solver we are on the good track. This cooperation brought us both, innovation and fulfillment of our business goals. Expertise, precision, commitment and “will do” attitude are just some of the terms which describe Things Solver. With them as our partners we are able to achieve everything that we imagine, and more.“– Natasa Radjenovic Zivanovic, CRM Department manager
“If you want really to see and understand your data Solvers crew are the right choice.
They are putting lights on the most hidden places giving you whole new perspective on business and making your vision much more clear.“
– Srdjan Grabovac, Business Development Manager, Planeta Sport
“Everyone in SuperKartica believes that working with Things Solver is the right choice. Great communication and understanding of our needs in combination with a dedicated team create an added value to the data we have. Mapping our business needs and their materialization through Solver AI Suite saved an incredible amount of time by automating existing processes and enable us to come to new, advanced customer insights. Today, we are certainly far ahead of any market competition thanks to this cooperation.”
– Mihailo Ponjavić, CEO Super Kartica

Key features and benefits

AI Search is a solution for managing personalized experiences on any channel. It’s ideal for upselling, cross-selling and keeping customers in the checkout.


Automatically recognize search intent

Personalization starts with helping a customer to meet their needs.

This is how Smart Search helps retailers and eCommerce sell faster than ever by automatically recognizing customer search intent and the context and categories of a search.

A solution like this makes the search process so easy for your website visitors and creates a superb customer experience.

Search process that will become your the most effective salesman

Dynamically served content

To truly succeed at landing page conversions, you need to have the competitive advantages that will keep you ahead of the competition.

And having the ability to implement dynamically generated personalized content on the landing page is a vital step in the overall conversion optimization process and will out-perform the static control virtually every time helping you achieve the ultimate goal of turning visitors into paying customers.

Personalize your online store - dynamicaly served content

Smart Search that handles synonyms, typos and translations

The personalized customer experience starts when you are in the position to offer the right offer at the right time based on your customer intent.

Being able to recognize a single customer behavior and search intent and present them with the products they really need enables you to create a meaningful data-driven customer experience and help them search for the right products no matter if there are synonyms, typos or translations in place.

No more typos in the search process

Forget about unmatched searches

Use the power of AI to serve your visitors by covering everything from your initial content, blog posts, or categories and matching context with the search intent.

This will help you walk through your searchers to the point of purchase by matching a proper context with the exact search

Forget about unmatched searches -solver search

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