Meet the Solvers

Our core values

The reasons why we truly believe in no BS work. In anything we do from our internal communication to the projects we work on there is no space for BS. People at Things Solver work on real projects that deliver real ROI and the work behind the scene is everything but BS.

No bullshit

No bs means we like to walk the talk, not just talk the walk. This is just a way we do it.


Having a purpose will lead us to the point of success and fulfillment. We live our purpose everyday.


Being accountable means that we understand that commitment we give is something we stick to 100%.


We like to be friendly with everyone as we would like people to have fun working with us but we never forget about deadlines and promises we give.

Team spirit

People first is something that we live since day one. We believe that team is more important than a single individual no matter how good individual is.


Even though we know a bit, we believe that constant learning is something that is more important than being an expert as we are here for a long run.

What about special benefits?

At Things Solver, we pay special attention to balancing workload and private life. Many things like flexible working time, the possibility for work from home, a casual dress code, and free coffee and drinks at the office are just a beginning of how the life at Things Solver looks like.


Private Healthcare

Everyone is covered up to 1.000 EUR and whoever would like to get the insurance license for partners and kids it could be done within special programs.

Family free days

We acknowledge that true value is spending time with your family when it matters the most. That is why we have special free days for many occasions like first day at school and many more.

Available bonus schemas

We still remember how it was to be a kid waiting for a new year present. That is why we prepare special gifts and bonuses to our colleagues as at the end of a day we are all just kids.