Search with AI

Help your customers find what they really need while they search.

New way of searching a product

Increase average basket value

AI-powered Search can help you increase average basket value by enabling search that will help your visitors with:

Product recommendation

AI Search recommends only the products based on search intent

Category recommendation

AI Search recommends only the categories that fall into a specific customer segment

Brand recommendation

AI Search recommends only the brands that specific audience could engage with

How Search with AI increases ABV?

Find out how you can benefit from AI-powered Smart Search.

Automatically recognize search intent

Personalization starts with helping a customer to meet their needs.

This is how Smart Search helps retailers and eCommerce sell faster than ever by automatically recognizing customer search intent and the context and categories of a search.

A solution like this makes the search process so easy for your website visitors and creates a superb customer experience.

Search process that will become your the most effective salesman

No more typos in the search process

In a search process, a misspell usually happens while website visitors are searching for a product or service.

Our AI-based Search solution eliminates typos in the search process because our models understand the context of the search so you could offer the right product to your potential customer even though they misspelled it.

This way you will increase your conversion rates and help users shop easily with you knowing what they really need.

No more typos in the search process

Easily understand typed synonyms

Searching for a solution could easily get challenging if we do not know exactly what we are looking for.

That's why we implemented a synonym detection system that enable visitors to get relevant search results even though they maybe did not know about that option at the beginning.

Easily understand typed synonyms - smart search

Forget about unmatched searches

Use the power of AI to serve your visitors by covering everything from your initial content, blog posts, or categories and matching context with the search intent.

This will help you walk through your searchers to the point of purchase by matching a proper context with the exact search.

Forget about unmatched searches -solver search

Solver AI Solution for Search

Forget about losing clients because they can not find what they need on your website. Make your offering available to anyone, anytime by eliminating typos, misspellings, or non-recognized search context with the power of Solver Touchpoint Studio.


Solver AI Solution for Search

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