E-commerce Personalization with AI

The right product at the proper position on your website.

New way of communication

Increase conversion rate with AI

Touchpoint management can help you convert more users into paying customers by:

Setting up custom rules

Define different rules for different audiences, serving via the same touchpoint with different content.

Embedded customer insights

Instantly see the results of your touchpoint rule and pivot in a minute if needed with embedded insights

Better customer experience

Help your customers easily find what they are looking for at your website by personalizing the offer.

AI-Powered E-commerce Personalization

Find out how you can benefit from AI-powered tools.

Keeping customer at the checkout

The ultimate revenue-driven question for retailers and eCommerce businesses is how to provide a frictionless customer experience right up to the checkout and keep customers coming back for more?

And the answer is: keep the user experience personalized up to the level of perfection so they never wish to click out of the checkout page.

Keeping customer at the checkout

Integrate once, manage dynamically w/o IT support

The beauty of the Touchpoint is that it is fully maintained without IT support involved.

This means that the personalized customer experience that will help you increase conversion rate is just a few clicks away - the clicks that we will easily navigate you how to do it even though you do not have IT knowledge.

Integrate once, manage dynamicaly w/o IT support

Managing a fully personalized content

Our solution constantly edits and updates website visitors' profiles so you could present only a relevant offer on your website.

This way not only that you will increase conversions but also it makes the user experience as personal as possible for everyone at your website or e-commerce.

Personalize your online store - dynamicaly served content

Improve your marketing efficiency

Personalized marketing has an unequivocal role to play in modern business settings.

The rise of social media, mobile apps, Live Chat assistants, and customer management software enables brands to develop closer relationships with customers.

And the game here is not only developing a closer relationship with a customer but also developing meaningful customer-related activities.

Improve your marketing efficency - Solver customer journey

Solver AI Suite for Touchpoints

The more personalized customer experience you provide, the better conversion rates you get. Explore an option for customizing your website or e-commerce offering to the level of complete personalization with Solver Touchpoint Studio


Solver AI Suite for Touchpoints


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