Customer Segmentation with AI

Automatically group your customers by their buying intention and behaviour.

Smart way to group customers

Increase CLV with AI

Segmentation can help you win a highly competitive market by increasing customer lifetime value with the help of:

Automatically update segments

All your customers will automatically change segments over time when they change the way they do a business with you.

Find patterns in data

Segmentation helps you find patterns in your data that you can use to upsell and cross sell more than ever.

Engage differently

Establish system that can increase customer lifetime value by having to know your customers insight out.

AI-powered Customer Segmentation

Find out how you can increase customer lifetime value from AI-powered tools.

Know your customer behavior

The Solver AI Suite enables you to segment all of your customers in a way that will allow you to group them by their behaviour, potential and lifetime value.

All of this enables a higher level of personalization which makes you in control of your marketing campaigns and your sales process toward different user groups.

Know your customer behavior

Know the customers who are most likely to buy from you

If you are looking to upsell and cross-sell to your existing customers, you will love what Solver Smart Segmentation can do for you.

It enables you to segment the customers who are most likely going to buy from you and it can tell you exactly what to offer them as you will know their motivation and future interest.

Personalize your communication

Know who are your most loyal customers

Automatic updating of segments in a rapidly changing market is what makes you an unfair competitive advantage.

Having to know patterns will empower you to predict your customer's next step and will put you in a position to be on the right place at a right time with the right offer.

Know who are your most loyal customers

Leverage your marketing with automatized campaigns

One of the most important value you can get from AI and ML tools such as Solver Segmentation is that Machine learning removes this complexity by automatically adjusting the marketing campaign to an individual segment and editing variables accordingly.

Algorithms will play with different combinations of variables for each customer segment.

The effectiveness of each variation can be measured based on customer behavior, and the landing page, email, or ad can be edited to suit the next user in real-time.

Leverage your marketing with automatized campaigns

Solver AI Suite for Segmentation

Whether you need to understand your customer transition over time or you need to understand who are your most loyal customer then Solver Customer Studio is a tool for you. We help companies understand most profitable customer segment in a few clicks.


Solver AI Suite for Segmentation



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