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Things Solver: Modular, Simple & Powerful Business Platform

Data-centric solution

Not making decisions based on data could be very dangerous for any kind of business.

This is why the Solver AI Suite focuses on providing insightful business information to companies so smart decisions could be made based on it.
This approach enables the company to predict their future key business metrics and to have a better overview of the organization of the next steps should make in order to skyrocket revenue and customer acquisition.

Why Solver AI Suite?

Meet Suite at his core and find out why companies are thrilled with the Suite modularity and flexibility of a business model.

Modular platform

Never overpay for unused services again.

We believe in fair play, which is why with Solver AI Suite, you only pay when you're ready to consume services.

Our modular system allows you to pick modules that best fit your needs and to use only a portion of the whole Suite before you experience the whole spectrum of powerful functionalities.

Ramp up at your pace - don't get rushed by any vendor.

Easily integrate with your everyday solutions

Solver AI Suite provides APIs for seamless integration.

We are already integrated with some of the top vendors such as SAS, SalesForce and Microsoft where we act as a part of the system or as an add on. This does not stop you from integrating the Suite with other 3rd party solutions from different EPR, CRM or BI solutions.

Our API documentation and process would make it a seamless integration either for your internal IT department or for other solution providers.

Easy to use, globally scalable

Solver AI Suite combines intuitive administrative interfaces and zero-touch maintenance so you don't need a PhD in IT to operate it or the heavy infrastructure to support it.

This makes the Suite a comfortable solution for CxO as well as non-technical end-users.

Our reasoning for this is that we create solutions for people - business people - who should be able to reap the benefits of a service in a few clicks, without complicated procedures to follow.

Fits any business model

Traditional business models had a non-elastic approach to customers in the last decade. Because of that approach, businesses were not pushed to innovate, until a couple of years ago when business models started to change rapidly and new over-the-top companies were born.

This is when the Solver AI Suite was born - a solution that can put you one step ahead of your customer’s buying intention.

The result is superior business prediction, easy to use data management, and dramatically increased conversion rates.

A revolutionary new way to predict your business future

Solver AI Suite is the ultimate big data and machine learning platform. As soon as your data is deployed, the Solver AI Suite starts digging for hidden patterns and messages.

The cutting-edge big data and machine learning algorithms guarantee that you will get the results needed to improve your business, whether you are in retail, telco, banking, or insurance.

Our experts across analytics, business process, and support teams follow strict processes to ensure the integrity of your data and enable you to improve your business outcome.


Audience view for easy access to all your Customers or Visitors’ data, you can upload your audiences and use them through other studios.  Profile view for 360 views of your customers and visitors, drill down to specific customers or visitors.  Insights view for getting reports about your broadcasts, segments, and audiences.  


Solver Automation Studio



Solver AI Suite is a revolutionary modular platform that can drive your business from the point of assumption to concrete results.

Unique functionalities of the Suite platform – from the Segmentation Studio to the AI Studio – will help you figure out how and what to sell to your customer and how to do it with the highest possible percentage of success.

Solver AI Suite enables you to control your future revenue and with that, your future.

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A revolutionary way to drive your business through data insights.
Solver AI Suite is a revolutionary platform that can drive your business from point of assumption to the concrete results.
Take a peek inside the Solver AI Suite platform.

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Unique modules and functionalities of the Solver AI Suite will help you figure out how and what to sell to your customer and how to do it with the highest possible percentage of success.

Start controlling your future revenue now.

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